How was your New Year’s celebration? We hope it has been fun because there’s another exciting event coming up! You guessed it – Chinese New Year 2019! Hold up on the CNY reunion meal because Venue Explorer has some awesome suggestions for you! Let’s think outside the box and make this year’s reunion meal the most epic one ever. 

Regardless if you’re planning for a family, corporate or even partners CNY dinner, we are going to make this year’s dinner impossible to forget. Instead of opting for the traditional dinner in the same restaurant all those years, you should definitely try booking private venues! After tremendous thoughts, we have finally listed the top ten venues in Singapore that’s perfect for this iconic event. 

“But what about the food and drinks?!” you ask? Don’t fret – we got your back. Sign up with the eccentric Elite Bar Solutions and delicious Kitchen Language Catering for their food and beverages. Kitchen Language Catering has come up with 3 special menus for their CNY buffet – guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s taste buds! Check them out at the bottom of this blog!!

What’s more; the gorgeous venues listed venue can be further decorated with CNY decorations when you splurge a little more to suit your tasteful needs! Without further ado, let’s check these venues out!

For those of you who prefer the traditional meal, don’t skip us yet! Because we aim to be of service to everyone, we have some lovely venues for you too. Just scroll to the bottom of this post!


Located in the enchanting River Valley, this gallery for rent is perfect especially for corporate/partners CNY reunion dinner event. Imagine this with the picture above: giant space loaded with red CNY decors paired with some golden hue, guests dressed their best, happy voices and laughter surrounded with background music and scrumptious food. Best way to get ready for CNY 2019!

Capacity: 350 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 1500


Chic and sassy people; this venue is for you! Whether you are organizing a corporate/partners or even family and friends reunion dinner, this venue can surely bring the CNY vibe to you. The ambience is vibrant and vivacious making this the perfect kick-start for a prosperous new year. We promise you will create many memories that you’ll hold very much dearly that day.

Capacity: 100 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 1000


Canvas club is not just a nightclub for rent in Singapore – this creative space boasts tasteful art décor on its walls and hippie, bubbly vibe all around. Add it with beautiful CNY decors (play CNY music as well if you are a hard-core CNY fan!) to let your guests soak in the CNY vibes. 

Capacity: 300 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 60 per Pax


Control Space is perfect for a cosy CNY reunion gathering. This venue is homely and once decorated with CNY décor (if you like!), it can act as a casual and relaxing way to welcome the New Year. What’s best is there are arcade games here so guests can have fun and spend quality time with each other – the best things to do for reunion meals.

Capacity: 70 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 500


This venue boasts a two-storey space and a cosy feel as well. Pack it up with guests and impress them with fun and contemporary CNY décor! Add in some lively music plus all the good food and beverages (alcohol, too!); your guests will definitely have a wonderful start to the New Year!

Capacity: 200 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 250


Another family of Urban Tavern, these two spaces cater for a more contemporary reunion dinner with a smaller crowd. What we absolutely LOVE about this branch is that there are karaoke, pool table, poker table and chips & Mahjong set. This is the perfect add-on for a CNY celebration, don’t you think?

Capacity: 70 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 250


Do you prefer more extreme activities? This year, you can have your reunion meal at Axe Factor as well! This way, apart from eating good food, you can throw away all the previous year’s bad luck before moving forward to the New Year!

Capacity: 100 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 300


If you prefer more variety of fun so that everyone gets entertained during the CNY reunion meal, come to Timezone instead. Doesn’t matter if you’re having a family dinner or a corporate dinner – bask yourself in timeless fun to ensure a prosperous New Year! 

Capacity: 40 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 640


Last on the list in KF1 Karting Circuit; it has ample space (apart from the race track) that’d look charming after you add some CNY décor to it. The spacious interior and luscious exterior will both put your guests’ at ease throughout this reunion dinner! Don’t forget – if you’d like, you’ll get to race too!

Capacity: 200 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 2200

Now, for the traditional reunion dinners, you should definitely try one of the venues below!


For those of you who are thinking about starting the New Year with a cute and lovely vibe, this café is your go-to. CNY service is provided here and you’ll get to eat all sorts of ‘too pretty to eat’ dishes as your reunion meal!

Capacity: 50 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 880


If My Melody is too girly for you but you still want something cute, go for Gudetama Café! Recharge your aura for CNY in this ecstatic environment as you down their extensive menu full of the iconic lazy yolk that’s wicked delicious.

Capacity: 80 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD 800


Are you thinking about a more classy reunion dinner? Then, opt for their Chinese New Year Prosperity Yu Sheng at Se7enth @ Oakwood Singapore! They have customizable menu to suit the tastes of your guests and the traditional Yu Sheng for good prosperity and health.

Capacity: 74 Maximum Pax

Price: From SGD


If you want an even grander reunion dinner, absolutely go to Crowne Plaza @ Changi Airport! Check out their CNY specials: The Fortune Menu and Prosperity Menu (No Pork No Lard) containing 7 mouth-watering dishes; paired with dessert and tea. Here’s something extra to note: Reservation with 15 tables or more will get a Lion Dance Performance, special appearance by the God of Fortune or a photo booth to capture this incredible fun moment!

Capacity: 10 persons per table

Price: From SGD 688 – 788

We hope this article gave you tons of new ideas on where to go! In the meantime, Venue Explorer wishes you a very prosperous Happy Chinese New Year! May you achieve success, happiness and good health! 

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