Criteria of a Good Co-working Space in Singapore

Co-working spaces are all the rage now is primarily because of its affordability and amenities at your service.

The shift in workplace demands has evolved the co-working space industry. Even if prices are lower than traditional spaces, this sum could mean a lot for a start-up. With many new co-working spaces popping up, you want to ensure that you get the best value for money. Look out for these 5 criteria when deciding on where you want to build your business.

  • The Location choosing a location that can be easily accessed from the living quarters of your employees is vital for the productivity of the team. If the working space is too far or at a remote location, a lot of time and energy will go into the travel leaving your staff exhausted. Multi-Media Studio @ Mox Meeting earns extra points for its connectivity through buses and MRTs (Mass Rapid Transit). 
  • The Costs: While location and ease of commutation are vital aspects you must consider, the budget is also equally important when it comes to choosing the right coworking space. Since, likely, you are still looking for investors and funds, it is recommended that rather than going all out, you stay within your budget and make a smart choice balancing all the factors. One of the most important criteria for a good shared working area in Singapore is the budget and places like Cospace Park have different rates like hourly, half-day, and full-day to cater to this requirement. 
  • The Features And Services: The best coworking stations in Singapore have a multitude of added features and facilities that directly or indirectly helps your coworking achieve its objectives within the planned time frame. For example, The Incubator @ Changi Cove Hotel offers air conditioning to help entrepreneurs work under ideal physical conditions and an uninterrupted and fast WiFi connection that makes online operations like programming, meetings, and generating digital documents infinitely easier. 
  • The Type Of Venue: There are a variety of coworking spaces currently available. Hot desking cater to the users on a first come first serve basis. The rates are lower for fixed coworking spaces but there’s one huge drawback. If you are late or someone comes before you, there remains the risk of not getting a working space or desk at all. And even if you do, chances are that the best spots are already taken up by others. Fixed desks on the other hand can be reserved for yourself. You can customize the workstation, make your additions and treat it as your personal office. You can rent a particular area for a fixed rate and receive the seats for a certain period. Some places also offer cabin spaces but the prices are on the higher end. The type of space you choose is directly affected by the budget, the desired location, and other such attributes.
  • The Flexibility: Lastly, there is co-working space that allows flexibility in terms of time as well as the contract. For those who are required to work on certain weekends, it would be beneficial to find a space that is open on weekends. This is why experts in the field suggest that you must choose an event space that is open and ready for its users all days of the week. For instance,Cospace Park, Multi-Media @ Mox Meeting in Singapore is open all days of the week for more or less the same price rates. This enables their clients to make the maximum of their free hours and not miss out on a single opportunity. 

With so many choices of co-working spaces, we hope that this list has helped you to streamline some important factors when it comes to your decision. All the best to finding an ideal space for your team!

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