Event planning is tedious work but we all know that the end result is worth every ounce of sweat. You could be having a wedding; a party to celebrate your biggest promotion yet – or, to a corporate event aimed to create an imprint on your brand.

Are you wavering back and forth between which venues is best? A perfect venue is the core of all successful events, and yet, is one of the toughest decisions to make.

1.Where to start looking?

You may have lived in Singapore in all the years of your life but do you know every nook and corner? Despite being geographically small, there are many hidden gems in this bustling country. Where to find the most extravagant ballroom, the sweetest yacht or the most breathtaking rooftop experience? This is the million-dollar head start question during the planning of any events.

2.Late response time

Have you experienced spamming emails and even calling countless times to no avail? Is it due to poor customer service or simply because they’re also having problems getting a response from their suppliers?


Singapore’s a multi-racial country. Generally, you need to consider Muslims guests who cannot take pork and Buddhist guests who cannot take beef. Heck, there are also guests with allergies or vegans! Finding a venue that can cater to all this can be like the old saying – looking for a needle in a haystack.

4.Capacity and minimums

Bear in mind; Singapore is a lawful country and each venue has safety and fire codes to abide by. You also need to consider the capacity and minimums.  That beach club you saw at Sentosa looks exquisite but if you have 250 guests, you can definitely forget about it.

5.Parking lots

Another common problem we have in Singapore is the parking lots. What if the venue does not allow external visitors parking? Having ample parking lots at the venue or at least within short walking distance should be a priority. Otherwise, your event could very well start late due to attendees having problems with access to parking.


If your event has more guests flying in from overseas whereby you need to strategically find a venue that is closer to Changi airport. Anyone would probably prefer to get to a venue within half an hour of commuting time, whether by public transport or by car.

7.Services and amenities

Let’s say you would like to have a wedding at the beach. A classic romantic, isn’t it? However, not all venues can provide you with the clean up services, tables and chairs (yes, you read that right) and also AV capabilities.


After solving all the above problems, you think you’ve found the one. We’ve got one word for you – budget. Is your perfect venue within it? If it’s not, it brings us back to square one, doesn’t it? Singapore offers many things; but affording them is simply a different matter.


How’s the venue’s architectural style and what does its interior convey? If you picked a venue where the ambience doesn’t match the desired feeling of your event, the more decorating you’ll need to perform to make up for it.


Imagine attending an event at a venue that was too loud and everyone had to strain their hearing and lose their voices all in one night? A large warehouse-style venue will result in echoes whereas a low ceiling may make the venue seem cozy; but it will be louder when it’s packed.

It is highly advisable to book a venue 4 – 6 months before your event. This way, you will have more time to work on the other critical things like the invitation, websites and brochure etc.

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