Safe measures to be taken when hosting events

Guidelines when hosting ROMs for up to 50 pax

For ROM ceremonies this covid, there can be only up to 50 attendees (no Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) requirement), from 51 to 1,000 attendees and only a group size of up to 5 attendees is allowed.
Prevailing rules will continue to apply to each entity/venue. Venue owners may determine when to allow marriage solemnizations and/or wedding receptions to be held in their premises, and may set additional conditions for their use, based on their capacity or ability to ensure safe management measures are implemented.
 It is recommended that organizers appoint a Safe Management Officer to ensure that safe management measures are adhered to. The Solemnizer will postpone the solemnization if safe management measures are not implemented or adhered to for the solemnization.
Each event can only be held in a single venue managed by the same operator. The event may take place over multiple rooms within the same venue.

Guidelines when hosting weddings for up to 250 pax

The guidelines for wedding receptions include Up to 250 attendees, with VDS requirement, or is a child aged 12 years or below, group size of up to 5 attendees.
These limits include the couple but exclude the Licensed Solemnizer and any other vendors engaged to provide authorized services for the wedding event. The couples and all attendees (including the Licensed Solemnizer and vendors) will have to abide by VDS entry requirements.
Children aged 12 years and below (i.e., born in and after 2009), who are seated within the groups of 5 attendees or who are part of the wedding party must be from the same household.
All marriage solemnizations and wedding receptions continue to be subject to the prevailing safe management measures, such as zonal/time slot requirements and safe distancing rules, and prevailing group size of up to 5 people.
All wedding guests must strictly abide by the safe management measures and maintain social distancing and avoid mingling with others beyond their own table.
Organizers must ensure that before entering the event, all attendees must check in to the event using TraceTogether-only SafeEntry. TraceTogether, the SEBizApp or HealthHub can be used to check the vaccination status of attendees. The venue owner/operator or organizers should have a unique QR code for the event space, e.g., hotel ballroom or private room in a restaurant.


Guidelines for work-related events for up to 50 pax

If your company wishes to hold work-related events, there are several requirements that should be followed, and they include:
Not required to notify or seek approval from the authorities
Participants must maintain at least a one-meter safe distance between one another.
Meals should not be the main feature of the event, i.e., they should only be served if incidental to the workplace event. The food must be served individually with the participants seated while consuming. Participants should minimize the time that they are unmasked while eating.
Work-related events held at third-party venues will also be subject to any additional premises owners’ safe management policies.

Guidelines when hosting work-related events for 51-1000 pax

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce proclaimed on December 14, 2021, that the government will increase capacity for Work-Related Events (WREs) that are typically static in nature. Work-Related Events are currently permitted, with a limit of 50 participants and any meals being incidental. These are intended for corporate / board retreats, staff training, and Annual General Meetings.

MICE events such as large-scale meetings, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions that are expected to have more interactions between participants will continue to require MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore) approval before they can proceed, as is the current requirement. Businesses can use the same form to request permission to hold MICE events.

 To hold a MICE event, an EO must apply for STB’s assessment and support for the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to approve the EO carrying out the event.

Here are the updated safe management measures for MICE events with 51-100 participants:
The event organizer must apply for MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore)’s approval. Event Organizers may only proceed with the MICE event upon MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore)’s written approval.
All MICE events SMMs must be adhered to, including maintaining at least one-meter safe distance between one another. Participants must be in zones of up to 100 persons per zone, with two meters between zones.
Meals must not be the main feature of the event. When F&B is served, participants must be at least one meter apart and the number of participants in each group for meal must not exceed five. Participants must remain at the same table where a meal is consumed throughout the meal duration.
All participants must be subject to Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures, i.e., every participant must be fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID-19 within the past 180 days, or medically ineligible for vaccines under the National Vaccination Programme.
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