What are the Most Popular Venue Locations in Singapore to Organize Events and Meetings?

Singapore is a highly populated city and yet a miraculous and magical place. There is a fine balance of culture, history and modernization. Also, it is accessible and convenient for several businesses. It is the capital for convention cities and Asia’s top most ranking. Singapore in a nutshell is a combination of all the best things possible in this world. From top class business venues to top sightseeing places and adventure tourism, this country rates the best.

There are several venues to host a seminar or a business event in this city and here is a brief list of a few.

The list of top venues you can consider while planning to host a business event:

  1. Seminar Rooms @ National Gallery Singapore

If you are looking at a venue that can accommodate a large crowd then this place suits the best. Planners can choose from varied options like exhibition halls, convention centres, dining banquets, concert arenas and plenty more. Even accommodation is offered as a package deal. A lot of value added services are peppered in in this venue. Advance planning and meticulous choices can get you great discounts.

  • Rooftops Studios @ National Gallery Singapore

 A rooftop venue is ideal for business meetings because there is minimal disturbance and total privacy. Gardens by the bay are one of them offering splendid views of the city and the skyline. From catering to taking care of the end-to-end needs of a professional business meeting you can also involve entertainment and other similar activities. Any rooftop restaurant or venue transforms the entire ambience and lends a great value to the entire event.

  • Coleman Deck @ National Gallery Singapore

All business meetings are not meant to be all work and no fun. There is a fine balance between them. Coleman Deck can offer the best of both with good food, ambience and activities galore. Also the national gallery serves as an additional key point for history buffs and tourists as well. Business visitors may be visiting from various geographical locations and to be in this specific venue combines business with pleasure.

  • Padang Deck @ National Gallery Singapore

Every historical place has a unique quality of inviting the curiosity among its visitors. This seaside venue is exactly designed for the history buff combined with entertainment and sightseeing. The restaurant also holds high ratings for the best quality of food that is served and is one of the best rated for its ambience.


The better rated a particular venue is the more it tends to cost. However, every dime is well spend in these above venues as the value added services are beyond par. Also they accommodate last minute requests without exorbitant additional costs. Value for money and returns of investment is very high in these places and one should check out these venues before anything else.  Since Singapore is a cosmopolitan city, it is possible to find various cuisines that can satiate your guests’ palate.

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