8 Must-Know Venue Hacks For An Event Held In A Hotel

A successful conference in a premium venue comes in all flavours and sizes. Whether it is a one day conference or a week long business meet, everything takes careful planning and a lot of attention to detail. All of these occasions have a common factor and that is an efficient planner. The event professionals always are on the look for effective tips and tricks to enhance their strategies and easily tackle the task at hand. The best ways to maximize the effectiveness of an important event like this is to minimize the last minute headaches and make sure that all corners are taken care of.

Here are 8 Must-Know Venue Hacks for an Event Held in a Hotel

All though planning an event sounds very exciting, it is a mammoth task to handle and several fine details are required. On overlook of the tiniest detail can cause major disasters. Plan a major event using these simple tips and make it a grand success.

  • Begonia Ballroom

It is important to make sure that the chosen venue like aligns with the flair required for the conference. There is a plethora of venues you can choose from like historical sites, museums, libraries, theatres and sports arena depending on the nature of the conference. Typically the venue should set forth the ambience required for the event and not ending up stealing the show. It is a fine line and only professional event managers can handle it. A Begonia Ballroom does the work and is typically an asset for a hotel. Only details that you need to take care of is the optimum size, breakout sessions for the attendees group , smoking zones and adequate restrooms.

  • TheArdmore Suite @ Royal Plaza On Scotts Singapore

Singapore is a demanding and yet enthralling city. Every occasion held here, whether it is personal or professional behests a special ambience. Most of the hotels have professional staff that can cater to the specific needs of their client. While organizing an event, it is the end-to-end detail that we look at and least amount of headaches. If the venue provider can take care of all of these then it is a blessing in disguise. The Ardmore Suite @ Royal Plaza On Scotts Singapore is a good bet.

  • Scotts Suite @ Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore

For important events it is very important to denote the purpose of the event. If it is to remain as a personal enclosed event then a Scotts Suite @ Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore is the best fit. You can avail a lot of buffet deals and multiple discounts on one hand and on the other a world class ambience.

  • Jupiter Ballroom @ Furama Riverfront

If it is a less formal event yet business oriented then a Riverfront venue may seem more practical. It is less formal and attendees can enjoy an informal and yet an official environment. The whole panoramic view stimulates ones senses and provides an opportunity for casual talk. Even business talks can be casual and nobody is going to talk about ‘what’s for dinner at home tonight.’

  • The Jasmine Room @ IBIS Singapore on Bencoolen

The conference venue serves as the trunk of marketing strategies and it is very essential to support the entire event in the best way possible. So choose a private room and yet an ambient one.

  • Meeting Room @ RELC International Hotel

If it is strictly business, then you need a meeting room. Here several important aspects relating to the business can be discussed and all the essential gadgets are available. A business meeting would require projectors, printers, Wi-Fi and all these amenities are taken care of here.

  • Forest Room @ Huone Singapore

This room is for professional business men who haven’t had a break in a long time. It is a type of facility where business can be combined with fun, activities and business. Rated as a top venue for off-beat business meets, this can fit all your needs for a distinctive client meeting.

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