4 Easy Tricks To Get A Proposal From Venue That You Are Planning For An Event

Managing major or minor events might seem exciting but they are not easy. You do not have to be an alchemist to plan a perfect event and even a newbie can handle major events following these simple guidelines. All you need is a vision and good budget plan so that your event turns successful.  Depending on the nature of the event a several factors may vary and the journey from idealization to conception can take a long time. Tons of details go into planning, materializing and conceptualizing the event. Every successful event is based on the right amount of planning and effective execution. You can name varied events like Virtual Corporate Events, Hybrid Meetings and Events, Virtual Event services and so on.

Here are 4 Easy Tricks To Get A Proposal From Venue That You Are Planning For An Event and to get the right proposal from the venue for a successful event management:

  • Align the purpose to your goals for the right proposal

When you plan for an event it has to remain successful and all attendees look for more than the event itself. Every little experience matters and a lot of detailing is required. For every event the food and beverages count and so it is all the more important to ensure that it is of top quality. Also, some of the key points to keep in consideration are some factors like connectivity for Virtual Corporate Events, network coverage, seating and availability of beverages and snacks. A little glitch in any of these areas can cause immense dissatisfaction. Nobody wants the guest squabbling with the helping staff over trivial issues.

  • Budgeting matters to invite a proposal

Every business functions on strict financial guidelines and budgets. While choosing a venue the quality should not be compromised and at the same time it needs to be cost effective. A simpler approach is to contact the venue stake holders and tell them about the importance of the occasion. Although it would not be possible to bargain, one can always ask for value added services and extra amenities. Most of the venue providers will happily oblige for such requests. All of these are possible only when you have an estimate of the budget in hand.

  • Advance planning for a good proposal

For Hybrid Meetings and Events nothing can be planned in the last minute and it will end up being haphazard. For a good proposal one needs to plan in advance so that they can avail better discounts and also the hosting venue has enough time to plan. Advance planning can mean a time frame of 3 months at the least. The dates and the plans should be blocked in advance. If it is a last minute event then be prepared and strapped for last minute expenditures as well. However, several business meetings are virtual these days and one can always cut down on additional costs of food and beverages if this is possible.

  • Play it down

A lot of venues look for valuable customers and it is demand that drives the supply for traditional or Virtual Event services. During planning an event, play down the purpose and also let the venues know that you have other options. The more clarity you have on your expectations, the better bargaining power you hold. Always keep in mind that a hotel venue can offer much more than it is written in their brochures. It only depends on what and how much you can expect in terms of gains.


Given the above factors, a client can always expect a little bit more from a venue host and value added services are always free of cost. Given the current day scenario, a customer has become as precious as a diamond and indispensable. Customers can demand for the moon and it will be delivered to them. Negotiation is an art and knowledge is its tool. Equipped with both, one can always strike the best deal and make the most out of their investment. Research helps in most of the cases and negotiating with knowledge in hand is an additional benefit.

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