Bookmark All These Venue Ideas to Host your winter Wedding in 2022

You are in the right place to bookmark all the venue ideas to host your winter wedding in 2022 in Singapore. Though “marriages are made in heaven” as per a famous idiom, many like you want it to happen in paradise-like places in the world. And the world’s cleanest city, Singapore, is the ideal place for it. Although Lion City is small because of its affluence, it has many spectacular venues that could make your dream wedding a reality.

So, let us bookmark many venue ideas to host your winter wedding in 2022 into a fairy tale wedding to remember for life.

Bookmark Great room @ W Singapore to host winter wedding venue in 2022

Singapore is an island country with one central island city surrounded by 63 satellite islands and islets. And to bookmark, an idea of a wedding venue in the great room @ W Singapore will provide the most beautiful wedding experience you can have only in your dreams. W Singapore-Sentosa Cove is one of Singapore’s exclusive resort islands with a lively coastal setting amidst lush greenery. The great room is the biggest of its 240 guest rooms and suites, with 720 square meters of space suitable for weddings. It is so magnificent for many to choose as a marriage venue for having magical moments. It is because of its many features that include.

  • Fully air-conditioned room with LCD projectors and screens for all to see the couples tying the nuptial knot for eternity close with joy.
  • Have a great deck with incredible views and giving natural light to make the wedding a stunning experience for not only the couples but also for the guests.
  • Offer handheld microphone and PA system with speakers to organize the wedding in the best way possible to make the guests comfortable.
  • Provide Wi-Fi services and other onsite technical support to manage the stage and other activities in the great room to make a memorable marriage.
  • Unlimited food and drink in the bar serve a buffet menu, cocktails, hard liquors, non-alcoholic beverages, beer, both bottled & ice cold, wine, snacks, tapas, bottled water, brewed coffee, tea and others.
  • Offer easy access with a taxi stand, car park and valet service for couples and guests to park their vehicles fast and safely.

Bookmark Furama to host winter wedding venue in 2022                              

Furama Hotels International is another best world-famous venue for hosting your winter wedding in 2022. The award-winning chain of luxury hotels in many countries in the Asia Pacific region provides the best venues for your wedding. Singapore has three excellent Furama wedding venues with breathtaking views and many facilities. 

  • Mercury Ballroom@ Riverfront offers sweeping views of the lush tropical forest, air-conditioned comfort, a resort-style swimming pool, and advanced audio-visuals like built-in LCD projectors, LED lights, and motorized screens for creating the right mood for the couple and the guests to remember for a long time.
  • Jupiter Ballroom @ Riverfront gives the wedding to experience the renaissance of the golden era with charming elaborate chandeliers and a cosy setting.
  • Venus Grand Ballroom @ Riverfront has 5724 sq. ft without pillars to accommodate nearly 900 guests and gives an enchanting wedding experience with a high ceiling, timeless architecture and elaborate backdrops and setups.

The above facts will surely convince you to bookmark all these venue ideas to host your winter wedding in 2022 to make your fairy tale wedding a reality.

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