Creative Alternatives to the Traditional Coffee Break for your Meetings at any of our listed venues!

When organising a convention, meeting or celebration, it is important that the Coffee break or whichever form of catering service you have contracted is up to the standard of the event, and meets the expectations of those attending.

In this article, we are going to give you 10 ideas for surprising Coffee breaks that will ensure you exceed all expectations.

1. Battleground Coffee break

If you want to transport your guests to a military camp, along with the use of certain elements that resemble camouflage, use containers that look like tin cans, metallic water bottles and flasks……if you also set up small green tents, the experience will be even more authentic.

2.  Sweet treats Coffee break 

Who doesn’t like a little treat, some chocolate, sweets or cakes? After an intense work session or Friday meeting, this type of coffee break is always appreciated.

3. Surfer’s Paradise Coffee break

This  brings you a sports-themed coffee break, with a creative surfboard table spread.

4. Healthy Coffee break

Healthy Meetings have been on offer in most of the hotels now, a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle applied to the world of meetings and events. Healthy food that revitalises, aids concentration and stimulates the mind.

5.Fun in Classroom Coffeebreak

elevates every event with innovative and creative coffee break ideas, including this classroom science laboratory.

6. Chinese-Themed Coffee break

A unique Chinese-themed coffee break. Treat guests to freshly made scallion pancakes and Tanghulu skewers.

7. Laboratory Coffee break 

The surprise factor is guaranteed, especially at a visual level. Use containers that resemble laboratory material or plates that appear to have been used in a scientific experiment. Play around with mixes of flavours, textures and colours. Guaranteed fun.

8. Chromotherapy Coffee break

cromoterapia en eventos

Chromotherapy is an alternative therapy technique based on the emotional influence that colours have on people, and this was the principle that made Ramón Ribas think about a new concept that he could use in the catering services and that could also be applied to other elements of events and meetings

9.  Galactic Coffee break 

Be inspired by films set in space or transport your guests to a spaceship.

10. Traditional Indian Coffee break

Rejuvenate guests with a raji and coffee-themed break

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