7 Reasons Why a Staycation is One of the Best Ideas Now

Your search to know why a staycation is one of the best ideas ends here. Staycations through a new form of domestic tourism became popular during the economic recession of 2008. And it became the new normal for tourism in many countries because of the pandemic in 2020. But many other reasons make staycations in Asia to become one of the best ideas for now and the future. Apart from the pandemic, it includes economic reasons such as simplicity, safety and environmental friendly.

So, check out what staycation is and the many reasons for choosing it as your cost-effective tourism idea to have an excellent time near your home but with all facilities of a five-star hotel room reservation.

What are staycations in Asia?

Staycations are portmanteau of stay and vacation and have many related terms like a holiday for a holiday and stay and the nearcation of taking a vacation close to home. But the term close is subjective as it differs in many countries. For example, staycations in Asia is a form of domestic tourism to tour within the country without travelling abroad. Though there is ambiguity in defining staycation, the close definition is exploring the environment close to where you live, staying in a hotel room reservation or the countryside near home.

Seven reasons why Staycations in Asia are the Best Idea Now

If you are one among the millions locked in your home working on the screens endlessly, you sure need a vacation. But with many financial and tourist restrictions apart from the fear of catching the deadly virus in a far-off place, you should opt for the staycation for the following reasons.

  1. Be at Peace

The stressful routine work gives less time to be at peace to retrospect life and plans. Hence, a staycation is an ideal choice for those wanting to spend a few days with no daily worries and to be at peace. It rejuvenates the body and mind with no pressing work and enables one to plan the future to be healthy and happy.

  • To do More

For students needing rigorous preparation for an all-important exam, or a creator to complete a book or a painting, etc., staycations are the ideal choice to be at home comfort but away from home.

  • Easy to Plan, Pack and Execute

Unlike vacations abroad or to other cities, staycations are easy to plan, pack and execute.

There is no need to book flights, trains, buses and others but only to choose the best place close to home and do nothing in the staycation but relax and have a good time.

  • Saves time, Effort and Money

Staycation saves time, effort and money as there is no need to travel long distances, which takes a lot of time and cost but enjoy all the places close to home but away from home.

  • Safe with Surprises

Rather than taking the risk of travelling far because of the virus and other issues, staycations offer many surprises left unexplored near the home for a long time.

  • Saves Mother Earth

As there is no need to travel far, there are fewer carbon emissions to save the mother earth from pollution and other environmental issues

  • Supports Local Economy

Since all the spending is within the local place close to home, it helps to improve the local economy.

The above reasons and more make staycations in Asia popular for many people like you to have a good time cost-effective.

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